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Regimental Headquarters

The Commanding Officer


Major.  Philip Edwards

The Canadian Volunteers has been my passion for many years. I love everything about this group from my friends I march with to the history of unit.                                  ( BURN IT ALL, Burn it to the ground. )

Every time I put on my uniform, I feel a great sense of pride and honor for the history we are teaching.

This units drill and historical accurate portrayal of the Canadian Volunteers is something to be proud of. All the hard work and dedication has paid off.

I'm proud to Lead the Canadian Volunteers into any battle.



 The Regimental Surgeons

  Mr. Trippe & Mr. Howard












The Engineer

LT Raymond Ball

Chief Engineer

8th & 9th Military Dist.

While I have been reenacting various eras within the realm of the USACE (A tribute to my father’s being a combat engineer) I have to say, I am particularly proud to be a part of the CV (my indefatigable Sappers) who are always up for a project (or maybe stopping the entire British left flank with cheveaux). It’s my pleasure to serve and be a part of this unit





Writer - Don Cummer   

 Regimental Flag Bearer

Click Here to Watch - Brothers At War promotion with the Canadian Volunteers - I was arrested by the Canadian Volunteers in October 2013 for spreading false seditious literature. By July 2015 I was co-opted and fought alongside them. Here is the video of my arrest, and the books that get me into trouble.

To check out his books at click the titles below


1. Brothers At War

Friend or villain? Brother or traitor? This compelling story of wartime friendship brings the looming War of 1812 to dramatic life.

Jacob is a steadfast Loyalist. Eli is a newcomer to Upper Canada, whose family has just moved from the American South. The two boys become fast friends, but their friendship is tested when Eli's father refuses to pledge allegiance to the Crown.

As Loyalists in Upper Canada become more and more suspicious of those with American leanings, the looming war threatens to pull the boys — and their town — apart.

Peopled with key figures from the War of 1812, such as General Isaac Brock and newspaperman-turned-traitor Joseph Willcocks, Brothers at War portrays the tense era just before the War of 1812, which pitted neighbour against neighbour as Upper Canada prepared to fend off invading American forces.

2. A Hanging Offence

The sequel to Brothers at War finds best friends Jacob and Eli on opposite sides of the battlefield as the War of 1812 erupts.

Jacob and Eli may be blood brothers, but they are on opposite sides in the battle of Queenston Heights during the War of 1812. While Jacob joins John Norton’s Mohawk band fighting with the British-Canadian side, Eli fights with the Americans. The Canadians win the day, but the victory comes at a great cost: the death of General Brock. Eli is captured and jailed. Because he swore the oath of allegiance to the Crown before he left Canada, his return with the invaders makes him a traitor. He is charged with high treason — a hanging offence. Can Jacob save his friend from the gallows?

3 . Blood Oath 

Blood brothers Jacob and Eli could become sworn enemies when Eli joins the American invasion of Canada.

After avoiding the gallows and fleeing to the United States, Eli returns to Newark when the American Army attacks Fort George. If he is captured again, he will hang, but his return exposes Jacob to possible charges of treason as well—for helping Eli escape. Two people learn their secret: their two enemies, William and Henry. Eli has scores to settle with them. Can he silence them forever —with pistols at dawn?

Set in the battles of Stoney Creek and Beaver Dams —a period when Canada came closest to losing the War of 1812.