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Company Street

As you look down the company street you will find a group of men and woman who take great pride in their unit. Our tents, clothing and accoutrements are hand made from the patterns used almost 200 years ago. We appreciate and understand the sacrifices these men and women made to serve our great nation.


Men At Arms  - Company Fall in


  Sgt.  Murphy









  1st Cpl. McMahon












 2nd Cpl .  Paul

I like bring a rebel portraying the Canadian Volunteers, It so different from what I really am,were a regiment that fought on the American side during the War of 1812.








  Pte. C. Travers









Pte. B. Edwards  












Pte. Seymore








   Pte. Michor







Pte.  Bowen

The Canadian Volunteers welcomed me in 2016. I rose to corporal and am so proud to be a voice of these men. Its funny I'm from America I wasn't putting red on for damned sure. So being a Canadian traitor and shooting at a sea of lobsters is better then eating it!! I'm proud to serve with these green banded ruffians.




  Pte. Jones














 Pte. McKenna









   Pte. C. Bellingham












 Pte, Wheeler









Pte. Smith








 Pte. Gamble

















Pte. Wilkes